16 Interesting Facts About Japan For Kids

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Interesting Facts About Japan For Kids
Interesting Facts About Japan For Kids

Interesting Facts About Japan For Kids

Interesting Facts About Japan For Kids: Friends, today we are going to tell you about Japan. When you go to Japan, you will feel as if you have come 20 to 25 years ahead of the rest of the world. This country is very advanced as well as many interesting facts are present there. This makes it unique.

1. Trains in Japan travel at 500 km per hour.

2. The people of Japan live the longest in the world. The average age of living for the people of Japan is 85 years.

3. The people of Japan are very fond of drinking green tea. They put green tea in most of the food items so that the colour of coke also is green there.

4. The reason for the people of Japan to live more is that the people there do not eat fried food and consume seafood the most. The people of Japan consume 10% of the total seafood supplied in the world.

5. People of Japan eat 1 lakh tons of seaweed in 1 year. This seaweed is very nutritious as 1 cup of seaweed contains iodine and potassium and 5 to 10 grams of protein.

6. The people of Japan have come up with a unique way to save water. Japan has a sink and flush connection so that when they wash their hands, their water goes into the flush.

7. Most of the people in Japan are thin except for sumo wrestlers because they consume seafood and green tea.

8. Japanese girls love fat sumo wrestlers because they think they can get skinny guys anywhere.

9. Japanese people love to eat horse meat.

10. The cuddle cafe is very popular in Japan. In these cafes, beautiful girls give massages along with emotional support.

11. Japan’s education system is very good. There is more emphasis on practicals. So that Japan is the most educated country in the world. The literacy rate is 100% there.

12. In Japan, school cleaning is done by the children. So that they have the habit of cleanliness. It is also a part of their education system.

13. Most the people of Japan go to the office in the morning without taking a bath. They prefer to take a bath before sleeping so they can get good sleep.

14. The capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan is very famous due to space constraints. Many people use these capsule hotels only to sleep at night.

15. Japan’s animation industry is huge. It does more business than Hollywood. Cartoons like Doraemon and Shinchan are made by this animation industry.

16. There are many floods and earthquakes in Japan every year. But all these disasters have been managed by the government with technology in such a way that the situation there becomes normal only after 24 hours.             

Interesting Facts About Japan For Kids

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