10 Fun Facts About Mercury for Kids

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Fun Facts About Mercury for Kids
Fun Facts About Mercury for Kids

Fun Facts About Mercury for Kids

Fun Facts About Mercury for Kids: Friends, today we are going to tell you fun facts about the planet Mercury. This planet is very interesting due to its position from other planets in the solar system. This planet is the first planet in the solar system, as well as the planet that is closest to the Sun.

Fun Facts About Mercury

1. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. Its diameter is 4880 km.

2. One year of Mercury is equal to 88 days of Earth. This means that it orbits the Sun in 88 days. It is much faster than other planets.

3. The gravity of the planet Mercury is 0.38 of the gravity of the Earth. This means there is very little gravity.

4. The planet Mercury is shrinking because its iron core is cooling.

5. There is a huge difference in the day and night temperatures on the planet Mercury. On the planet Mercury, There the daytime temperature is 417 ° C, the night temperature is -173 ° C.

6. One day of the planet Mercury is equal to 59 days of the Earth. This means the planet Mercury rotates at a very low speed on its axis.

fun facts about mercury
Fun Facts About Mercury

7. Mercury is the closest to the Sun but it is not the hottest planet because the atmosphere of Mercury is very weak and cannot hold this temperature.

8. The Mercury planet has very low gravity so it has no moon.

9. Millions of years ago, an asteroid hit the planet, Mercury. This led to a huge crater on the surface of the planet Mercury. This is called the Caloris basin. This crater is 1545 kilometres large.

10. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun so its rise and fall occur within 2 hours from the Sun.

Final Words:

Friends, we hope that the kids will surely like the interesting facts related to the planet Mercury. You can give your opinion in a comment below.

Fun Facts About Mercury for Kids

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