9 Fun Facts About the Stratosphere layer

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Fun Facts About the Stratosphere
Fun Facts About the Stratosphere

Fun Facts About the Stratosphere

Fun Facts About the Stratosphere: Friends, today we are going to tell you some interesting fun facts about the stratosphere layer. You will get to learn a lot of new things after knowing these facts.

1. The stratosphere is the second layer out of the five layers of the atmosphere.

2. The layer above the stratosphere is called the mesosphere layer and the below layer is called the troposphere layer.

3. The stratosphere starts at an altitude of 10 km from the ground level and extends to an altitude of 50 km.

4. The most important thing about the stratosphere layer is that there is an ozone layer in it. It protects us by absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun.

5. Many jets fly in the stratosphere layer because it is very good for them to fly due to low air density.

Fun Facts About Stratosphere
Fun Facts About Stratosphere

6. The stratosphere layer is 35 km thick.

7. In the troposphere layer, where the temperature decreases as the altitude increases. But, the temperature in the stratosphere layer increases as per altitude.

8. Many swans and cranes also fly at the height of the stratosphere.

9. The stratosphere covers 24% of the total atmosphere.

We hope you enjoyed the fun facts about stratosphere information given by us. You can also comment about this below.

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