14 Interesting Facts about World War 1(WWI)

interesting fact about world war 1

Interesting Facts about World War 1(WWI) Interesting facts about world war 1: Many such incidents occurred in the First World War which is very interesting. All these essential facts are explained here. Which everyone needs to know. 1. Machine guns were first introduced in aircraft by the United States of America in 1912. It was … Read more

25 Mind-Blowing Interesting Facts about Planet Earth for Kids

Facts about the Earth

Facts about the Earth Our earth is full of secrets, the more we know it, the more our curiosity grows. We have come to know many of the facts of the Earth but there are still some facts that scientists are constantly trying to know. Today we will tell you about some such unique facts … Read more

10 Best Interesting facts about Cuba – History, Life & Fun fact

Interesting facts about Cuba

Interesting Facts about Cuba Cuba is a country in the North Caribbean Sea known for its adventures and fun facts. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Islands. As soon as we imagine it, we get the idea of its beach, cigar, and vintage car running here. Cuba has taken many such secrets inside … Read more

Best Notre Dame Cathedral Facts you need to know

Best Notre Dame Cathedral Facts

Notre Dame Cathedral Facts Notre Dame Cathedral Facts: Notre Dame Cathedral is a famous monument in Paris, France. In which 10 to 12 million people visit every year. It is mainly designed French Gothic architecture. Notre Dame Cathedral history Its construction started in 1163 AD, which was completed in 1345 AD after many repairs. Its … Read more