17 Best Facts About New Zealand For Kids

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Facts About New Zealand For Kids
Facts About New Zealand for Kids

Facts About New Zealand For Kids

Facts About New Zealand For Kids: Friends, In this post, we are going to tell you some interesting fun facts about New Zealand. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, and lakes. The sun rises first in this country because it is the only country located in the east. The New Year’s celebration is also celebrated first in New Zealand. We are going to tell you some amazing facts in this article so that you will fall in love with this country.

1. New Zealand is the only country in the world where snakes are not found, although there are many forests in this country.

2. New Zealand is like a paradise for women because women are given equal rights as men. New Zealand gave voting right to women in 1893. It is the first in the whole world.

3. As compared to humans more sheep are in New Zealand. There are 9 sheep compared to one man.

4. New Zealand’s ranking is second in the whole world in honest countries. There is no corruption there. Due to this, any government work is done there within 1 day.

5. There are two parts to New Zealand, the North Island and the South Island. The North Island is smaller than the South Island, but it has more people per square mile than the South Island.

6. Georgina Beyer, a resident of New Zealand, was the world’s first female eunuch who became an MP in 1999.

7. Advertising is banned in New Zealand on Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas.

8. The dairy business is also very famous in New Zealand. There, 100 kg of butter and 65 kg of cheese are prepared for a man in a year.

9. New Zealand is also known for surfing because there the waves rise to 35 meters in height.

Facts About New Zealand For Kids
Facts About New Zealand For Kids

10. New Zealand Edmund Hillary was the first person who climbs Mount Everest.

11. In the world largest number of penguin species are found in New Zealand.

12. The water of New Zealand’s Blue Lake is so clear that it can be seen with the naked eye up to a depth of 85 meters.

13. There is a beach in New Zealand whose name is 90 miles but its length is 88 kilometres, which is 55 miles.

14. Almost every person in New Zealand has a car because there are 4.4 million cars while the total population there is 5.1 million.

15. New Zealand’s people are very aware of their health. Due to this, about 84% of people go for morning or evening walks.

16. People of New Zealand prefer to use debit or credit cards for shopping rather than paper money.

17. There are 384 golf courses in New Zealand. This means that there is 1 golf course for every 9000 people, which is a lot.

Geographical Marvels

New Zealand’s geographical diversity is truly remarkable. From its lush, green valleys to its majestic mountain peaks, the country is a haven of natural marvels.

A Green and Lively Haven

New Zealand is often referred to as the “Land of the Long White Cloud.” Its green landscapes are a result of abundant rainfall and mild temperatures. The country’s varied ecosystems provide a home for an array of unique plants and animals.

Majestic Mountain Peaks

The Southern Alps are the backbone of the South Island, adorned with snow-capped peaks that stretch towards the sky. Aoraki Mount Cook is the highest peak, and its grandeur has long captured the imaginations of both locals and visitors.

Bubbling Hot Springs

The North Island is known for its geothermal activity, with hot springs and geysers that showcase the Earth’s incredible energy. Rotorua is a prime example, with its bubbling mud pools and colorful silica terraces.

Kiwi: Not Just a Fruit!

The kiwi is not only a popular fruit but also a unique flightless bird native to New Zealand.

Flightless Wonder

The kiwi bird is unable to fly, but it makes up for it with its exceptional sense of smell. It uses its long beak to search for insects and worms, its primary sources of food.

Nocturnal Habits

Kiwi birds are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. Their keen sense of smell helps them locate food in the darkness.

Unique Nesting

Kiwi birds lay some of the largest eggs relative to their body size among all birds. They usually build their nests on the ground, hidden under bushes or in burrows.

Facts About New Zealand For Kids

Final Words:

New Zealand is a treasure trove of wonders that have been shaped by nature and enriched by its people. With its stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, rich culture, and exciting adventures, it’s a country that offers endless opportunities for learning and exploration.

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