Generac Guardian 7043 Installation Cost & Price

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Generac Guardian 7043 Installation Cost
Generac Guardian 7043 Installation Cost

Generac Guardian 7043 Installation Cost

Generac Guardian 7043 Installation Cost & Price: I wanted to go over an overview of the Generac standby generator and its installation cost. This is the 22-kilowatt model 7043 and I want to go into the installation how it works how fast it responds when there’s an outage and we’ll go over pricing on what we spent and what was included so like I said this is the 22-kilowatt model 7043 this is the size we pretty much needed for our house at the time when we were looking at purchasing this was the biggest air-cooled that was available that was on the market.

Generac Guardian 7043 Installation Cost

Our house is roughly 2700 square feet and we have two three-ton ac on the house. We have one three-ton ac on the detached garage and this generator does the whole house with no issues and nothing changes for us.

When the power goes out so looking in here you have your control panel from here you can set your exercise times the generator does start and run for five minutes. One day out of the week this is where you would you check your oil add your oil down there is the filter and then there’s the drain tube where you can drain it.

This is a twin cylinder 999 cc engine and then, of course, there’s a generator part so that’s the engine that’s the generator and in here’s your air filter so all of our electrical comes in from behind the garage and it’s all underground and then it comes in from the comes out sorry from the generator underground and just runs up inside this Generac panel is pretty much the brains of the operation this is where your transfer switch is located.

When city power comes back on this is a smart system so it kills the generator when city power comes back on it’ll still run for about five minutes for a cool-down period.

So we did have to have our gas meter upgraded for this system this is what the upgraded meter looks like honestly, I don’t know a whole lot of difference it may be just a hair bit bigger and then they added in one regulator here and another new regulator here and then the install team for generator supercenter.

Which is who we used they took care of the hard piping here and then it goes underground to flex and that flex runs all the way over to the generator so as you can see it comes right up here stubs up here and then just goes into the back of the generator.

We painted it the flex and everything the same colour as the house to kind of blend in and then, of course, I have a fire hydrant that’s just decorative purposes that kind of hides that the generator. You can get this separate this is a pad like a concrete pad to sit on underneath this pad.

I have eight by eight concrete blocks that I put down after I levelled the ground out and it stays level and doesn’t move if I had to do it again I probably would have poured a slab but this is built up quite a bit.

So we don’t have to worry about it would have to have eight inches of water here in the backyard before we’d have to really worry about anything so this box with the antenna on it is our gen monitor setup it’s wi-fi controlled it lets us know when there’s an outage. If the generator is running if it’s not running if there’s an issue it tells you a lot of information about it the system or the service is about 400 a year but it includes annual maintenance.

This includes spark plug oil, changes air filter and this engine being a twin cylinder has two spark plugs so they come out one day out of the year you don’t have to be home they send you a proof.

They did everything through an email with pictures and everything of them you know removing the old spark plugs removing the oil changing out the filter the green light you see on here that tells you everything’s good to go flashes.

When it’s running and then if there’s an issue it’ll be red the only thing we’ve had to do to this unit was replace the battery already we purchased this unit and had it installed in the fall of 2018. The original battery lasted 16 months.

It was an 18-month battery so we changed it out the batteries in here it’s easy to get to just these two bolts this whole side panel comes off and the batteries right down here so one of the questions I get a lot is how fast it reacts or how long does it take for it to transfer power so what I’ve done is I’ve just plugged in light to the garage.

It doesn’t really take that long I’m going to go ahead and restore the city power back up the generator will continue for a cool-down period of five minutes to run and you’ll be able to see the transfer sets transfer a couple of things to consider.

When you’re having this unit installed is a placement for us, unfortunately, the exhaust comes out of the side right here by the fire hydrant so it kind of directs the exhaust towards our house luckily from our bedroom with a fan on we can’t even hear it so.

It’s nice and also it keeps maybe some of the noise away from you know bothering the neighbours. We got it far away from the house as we could also think about where your electrical comes in and where your gas comes in because you’re going to end up having to pay a little extra for a run like how much they have to trench.

So we’ll go over the cost in a second but our gas run was from the generator to over there where the gas meter is was about 55 feet so here’s my invoice we’ll go over like I said ours is a 22 kilowatt running on natural gas.

You actually get 21-kilowatt propane is more efficient therefore they’re rated for propane at the time of our purchase 22 kilowatts was the largest we could get here I just looked at Generac’s website and they’re offering a 24 kilowatt now like I said our house is 2700 square feet.

We did a load test when the unit was first installed and we turned on everything you could think of we turned on all the air conditioners garage air conditioners both house air conditioners ovens everything washer and dryer.

We’ve turned everything and we don’t have a change in our life everything remains on everything remains working so on the invoice you see we have a 55-foot gas run at 525 we have one city permit 500 we paid in cash so we got a cash discount for 550.

We were during the off-season which is I guess fall we got a 750-dollar off-season discount and for some reason, we got another 500 discount from the manager.

It includes also included a whole home surge protector so looking at the cost here the generator and the transfer switch is 4899 the installation cost was 3925 dollar surge protector included city permit gas run.

We opted for the 10-year Generac extended warranty for 695 dollars. I thought that was a bargain for what you know it this is an expensive thing you want it you know protected so our out-the-door price was 10940 dollars as far as the installation goes our installation took roughly about three days.

From the time they showed up got everything unloaded dug the trench for the gas line got everything hooked up we had to wait on permits to come in for the final connection for gas and the electrical so they had to do a pressure test on the gas and such so it was a three-day process between them setting it up and then the inspectors coming out and then generator supercenter sends the representative out again just to go over the workings how it works everything else.

So we ended up getting three different quotes we got one from generator supercenter which is who we used we got two other quotes from like a kind of a smaller mom-and-pop style company one of them used Kohler.

Which I wasn’t too familiar with and my dad has a generic system at his house so I was familiar with that so I really wanted to stick with Generac the other company did use Generac but they were about four thousand dollars more and they couldn’t really tell me what they were providing you know extra for that four thousand dollars so we went with the cheapest one.

We haven’t really needed it for storms really there have been a couple of times maybe once or twice a year where the powers went out for like an hour if that but this last big freeze we had here in texas we ran off generator power for 35 hours so it was a blessing to have.

I do recommend it it’s nice when you’re at work to know if you lose power your generators running I can turn it on and turn it off remotely I’m not sure exactly why you’d want to do that but I have the option to on the app it keeps track of your hours and any fault codes that may pop up like if your battery gets low or stuff like that and there you have it. so cost you’re right at 11000 dollars 22-kilowatt square footage 2 700 runs everything. we don’t run the garage ac obviously but offer a load test we did our oven is electric so that takes up quite a bit to power that we ran oven microwave.

I mean like I said everything you can think of every light in the house on and doesn’t skip a beat works perfectly so for our peace of mind for me and my family I would strongly recommend if you’re looking at it the Generac is probably the way to go as far as companies go you know to get your quote look around you know and pick out what’s best for you.

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