16 Best Facts About Stars For Kids

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Facts About Stars For Kids
Facts About Stars For Kids

Facts About Stars For Kids

Facts About Stars For Kids: We all know that star is a vast subject. It is a ball of gas that consists of Hydrogen and Helium. We are here not to give you deep knowledge about the stars, but to tell you some interesting facts about the stars. Let’s learn something and improve our knowledge.

  • You might not know about this fact. You can tell whether the star is hot or cool by looking at its colour. Hot stars look either blue or white. On the other side, Cool stars look red or orange. So, the temperature of the star determines its colour.
  • Explosion in stars Sometimes, stars face destructive explosions known as supernovas. A supernova may leave a small centre called a black hole. 
  • Many people may think about how many stars are there in Milky Way. According to reports, there are approximately 100-400 billion stars in Milky Way galaxy. This figure changes as new stars are born & old stars die out.
  • The red dwarf is the type of star that burns itself very slowly. This thing extends its lifespan to over 100 billion years. These stars are half of the size and mass of the Sun. This type of star shines less than other stars because they are Cool stars. Unlike some big stars, The red dwarf doesn’t explode.  Interestingly, the Sun is also a red dwarf.
  • We might know that Sun is not the biggest and brightest star. Most of the Stars that we see at night are much bigger and brighter than the Sun. There are 50 stars that we can see at night that are much bigger and brighter than the Sun.
  • Alpha Centauri is the dimmest star of all 50 that is still 1.5 times brighter than the Sun.
  • The actual colour of the Sun is a green star or a green-blue star. It’s because Sun has the shade of both colours. Sun looks white or yellow from our planet Earth because colour gets influenced by its surroundings.
  • The Sun is the closest star to the Earth. You might know this fact. But, Do you know how far is the Earth from the Sun? It is 149.8 million kilometres away from the Earth. The fastest spacecraft would take around 70,000 years to reach the Sun.
  • We all have learned the poem ” Twinkle Twinkle little stars…” but, Do stars twinkle? No. The stars don’t Twinkle. As the light of the stars starts travelling, Earth’s atmosphere creates disturbances in light’s path that creates the illusion that the star is twinkling.
  • The average age of a star The star lives around 1 to 10 billion years old. Although, some stars are older than this. Smaller stars live for more time as compared to the big ones.
  • Minimum and Maximum temperature of a star The temperature of a star can be as Cool as 2400 Kelvin or hotter than 30,000 Kelvin. Stars with a temperature above 7,500 Kelvin are white and blue. Stars with a temperature of less than 6,000 Kelvin are yellow and red.
  • Solar mass is a term used by astronomers to compare the size of the stars with the Sun. If the solar mass is 5, a star is five times bigger than the Sun. According to astronomers, solar mass also determines how long the star will live.
  • Oldest discovered star The red giant star HE 1523-0901 is one of the oldest stars discovered. It is approximately 13.2 billions year old.
  • Binary stars are the system of two stars in which one star revolves around the other star or both stars revolve around a common centre.
  • We can only see 2000 stars Millions of stars indeed exist in the universe. We can see only 2000 stars with our naked eye. The reason is that many Stars are too far from the Earth and not bright enough for us to see them. We see the stars as they looked in the past Many stars are millions of miles away from the Earth. Therefore, it takes many years to travel its light to reach the Earth. Until its light reaches the Earth, many years passed away.
  • A black body is an object that absorbs 100% of electromagnetic radiation. Stars are also black bodies. Stars use this radiation to glow themselves. Even Black holes are also black bodies that do not radiate light.
Facts about stars for kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a star turn into a planet?

Yes. A star can turn into a planet. But, this is true only for a specific category of stars, that is brown dwarfs.

Do stars twinkle?

No. Stars do not twinkle.

What is star death called?

The giant stars destroy themselves by the explosion, Supernova.

How many stars are there?

According to astronomers, there are around 100 billion stars in the galaxy.

How long do stars live?

Stars live around 10 billion years.

Final words:

That’s all for today, friends. I hope you liked the post facts about stars for kids and your knowledge will increase after reading this article. You can share this post with your friends and relatives so they can also know interesting facts about the stars.

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