20 Most Weird But True Facts For Kids

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Weird But True Facts For Kids
Weird But True Facts For Kids

Weird But True Facts For Kids

Weird But True Facts For Kids: In this article we will tell you some very weird but true facts for kids. These facts will surprise you. These facts are interesting but weird. Kids gain lot of knowledge once they know about these facts.

  1. Like many frogs, African bullfrogs eat their skin after shedding it.

2. White Faced Capuchin monkeys say hello by sticking their fingers up each other’s noses.

3. Herring communicate by passing gas.

4. Rhinos may communicate by leaving each other dung piles.

5. Some ants can make themselves explode when they are scared. The bomber bug can shoot hot venom from its rear end. Ladybugs squirt smelly liquid from their knees. So try not to scare any bugs.

6. Doctors in ancient times used spider webs as bandages.

7. Some people taste-test pet food for a living.

8. Scientists have found a new monkey species with a blue butt.

9. A machine was invented to turn sweat into drinking water

10. Earthworm has five hearts.

11. Human has has a billion bacteria in its mouth. Swallows a quart of mucus every day.

12. Algae, snail slime, fish scales and crushed bugs, whale vomit these are all used in cosmetic products.

13. Cockroaches can recognize their family members.

14. A sneeze travels at 100 miles an hour.

15. It once rained worms in a city in Louisiana.

16. The statue of liberty’s shoe size is 879.

17. Cows can drink a bathtub full of water in a day.

18. Some dogs are allergic to cats.

19. Some male mice sing songs to attract mates.

20. you can find over 100 million pieces of junk racing at 17000 miles an hour orbiting the earth.

Weird But True Facts For Kids
Weird But True Facts For Kids
Weird But True Facts For Kids

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the most interesting fact?

The most traveled country in the world is France.

What is the weirdest fact ever?

The tomato sauce was sold like a medicine in 1800.

What is the craziest state?

Florida because skateboarding is illegal without a license there.

Final Words: We hope you have liked the weird but true facts for kids post. You can share these facts with kids parents. If you have any question regarding these facts you can comment down below.

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