26 Best Fun Facts About Dogs for Kids 2024

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Fun Facts About Dogs for Kids
Fun Facts About Dogs for Kids

Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids

Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids: The dog is the best friend of humans, so the most reared pet in the world is the dog. Dogs are very loyal animals that are a part of the family in today’s society. Today we are going to share you in detail some unique interesting fun facts about dogs.

1. The nose prints of dogs are different.  Humans recognize by their different fingerprints as Dogs can be identified with their different nose prints.

2. The dog can smell 40 times more than a human.

3. Dog’s claws have a strange smell due to sweat. Dog’s claws cause sweat because it makes it easier to walk on the hot surface during the summer season.

4. Dogs are very punctual. They never forget their time to eat food and go for a walk. Which they remind you at the right time.

5. Dogs can also see blue and yellow colors along with black and white colors. While they are red and green color blind.

Fun Facts About Dogs for Kids

Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids
Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids

6. Dogs understand human’s mood very quickly. Dogs also sense many diseases.

7. Dogs have four times better hearing ability than humans.

8. Dogs go-round before sleeping. They do this because they can save the important part of their body at the time of sleeping. These important parts are the hip and abdomen.

9. The closest to dogs is the wolf. Our ancestors domesticated the wolf 15000 years ago due to which it became faithful to humans. According to time and they were named dogs.

10. The blood type of a man like A, B, O, AB is of 4 types but dogs have 13 types of blood.

Interesting Facts about Dogs
Interesting Facts about Dogs

11. The dogs have a normal life span of 12 to 15 years. While the world’s oldest dog lived for 30 years.

12. Just as humans dream of falling asleep, similarly dogs dream of sleeping.

13. We all like chocolate but we should not give too much chocolate to dogs. Dogs can die by eating too much chocolate.

14. Most dogs are reared in America. The dog is reared in about 7 crore families in America.

15. The first animal to go into space was a dog named Laika. Which was sent to space in 1957.

Amazing Facts about Dogs
Amazing Facts about Dogs

16. 30000 dogs are killed each day in China for meat and skin.

17. Hitler’s army trained dogs to speak and read, but failed.

18. If your dog stares at you, it does not mean he wants to scare you. This means that he wants to draw your attention.

19. If the dog keeps his ears and tail straight, it means that he is very alert.

20. If the dog sleeps on its stomach, it means that it wants a restful sleep.

21. If a dog starts to growl by showing you its teeth, then you should run away because such a dog is very angry that can bite you at any time.

22. If the dog gives you something like a ball, shoe, or any wood by pressing it in his teeth then it means that he wants to make you happy.

23. If your dog licks you, it means that he loves you very much.

24. If you had been out for a long time and when you came home if your dog started jumping on you after seeing you, it means that he was missing you a lot.

25. If you tried to tease a dog in Oklahoma, you would be detained.

26. 50% of dogs over the age of 10 die due to cancer.

Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids

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