21 Best Fun Facts about Saturn for Kids

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Fun Facts about Saturn for Kids
Fun Facts about Saturn for Kids

Fun Facts about Saturn for Kids

Fun facts about Saturn for kids: In this article, we are going to tell you about a planet that has been attracting everyone for a long time. This planet is Saturn, and due to the ring around this planet, it seems to be the most beautiful of all other planets. We will elaborate on some unknown fun facts about this gas-filled, cold planet. The kids will love learning about Saturn, and they will learn a lot.

1. Saturn was first discovered by Galileo in 1610.

2. One year of Saturn is equal to 29.45 years of Earth.

3. One day of Saturn is equal to 10 hours and 34 minutes.

4. The average temperature of Saturn is -140 °C to -185 °C.

5. The diameter of Saturn is 116420 km.

6. The winds at Saturn are the second-fastest after Neptune. It winds at a speed of 500 m/s.

7. It is 120 million kilometers away from the earth.

8. It is the fifth-brightest planet of the night. It can also be seen without a telescope.

9. Saturn is the second-largest planet in the solar system. Its diameter is nine times larger than the Earth’s.

10. The volume of Saturn is 95 times greater than that of Earth.

Fun Facts about Saturn

Fun facts about Saturn
Fun Facts about Saturn

11. Saturn was named after the agriculture god of Rome.

12. Saturn is larger than the Earth, but its density is eight times less than that of the Earth.

13. If Saturn’s planet can be kept on water, it will float on water. This is because its density is lower than that of water.

14. The planet Saturn is made of gas, so it is impossible to stand on top of it.

15. The Saturn planet is made up of hydrogen and helium gas, out of which 96% is hydrogen.

Facts about Saturn for Kids
Facts about Saturn for Kids

16. This planet has 62 moons, which come second after the planet Jupiter.

17. Saturn’s moon Titan is bigger than Mercury’s planet.

18. The brightest moon on Saturn is Enceladus. It completely reflects the sunlight that falls on it because it is made up of white snow. Its temperature is -200°C.

19. Titan is very similar to the Earth because it has surfaces, rivers, and mountains like the Earth. Due to this, satellites have been sent to it. It has a stock of methane gas.

20. The ring of Saturn consists of small and big pieces of ice and stone. The ring of Saturn is 282,000 km wide. Saturn’s ring is 300 feet thick.

21. Four spacecraft have been sent to Saturn so far. It is pioneer 11, voyager 1, voyager 2, Cassini-Huygens.

Fun Facts about Saturn for Kids

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