20 Best Facts About Peru for Kids

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Facts About Peru for Kids
Facts About Peru for Kids

Facts About Peru for Kids

Facts about Peru for Kids: Friends, the country whose facts we are sharing here if we call it the mysterious country of the world, will not be wrong. This country is Peru. It is said that if someone once ate the food of Peru, they can never forget it. The desert of this country is also very famous. More than 3000 varieties of potatoes are available here. Apart from this, people here believe that the connection of Peru is with the people of other planets.

1. The official name of this country is the Republic of Peru. It is a country in South America.

2. The border of this country meets Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. Peru’s population is 32,824,358. Which is 44th in the world. The area of this country is 1,285,216 square kilometers.

3. Peru has not one or two but three official languages. These languages are Spanish, Aymara, and Quechua.

4. In Peru, 80% of the population lives in cities, while 20% lives in villages.

5. The wonder of the world Machu Picchu is also in Peru. In Machu Picchu houses are built at a very high altitude. Which makes it very interesting.

6. The world’s largest flying bird, the Andean condor is also found here. This bird is found in the Andes Mountains.

7. Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest lake in Peru. It is at a height of 11436 feet. You will find many tourists around this lake because it is a big tourist attraction in Peru.

8. The Peru Nazca Lines are so mysterious. 70 big pictures were made there. Some of these pictures are of humans, and some are of animals. It covers 450 square kilometers of space.

9. Peru is also called the country of birds because birds of different species are found here. The name of this country is also included in the Guinness Book of World Records due to the different species of birds found in a single place.

10. The pisco sour cocktail is very famous among the people of this country. You will find this cocktail in every Peruvian home and restaurant. Lemon, sugar, water, egg whites, and ice are added to this cocktail. It is said that people who drink it once will definitely drink it again.

11. Peruvian people are very fond of the old car. Peruvian people modify their new cars in the design of the old cars, due to which many old cars can be seen moving on Peruvian roads.

12. Peruvian people are very emotional. These people are very happy and sad too soon. When Peru’s football team wins, there is a festive atmosphere for a week.

13. Peru’s food is also among the three best foods in the world. Whether you are fond of eating vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Peru is a paradise in terms of food. Different soups are also available here.

14. 90% of Peruvian people believe in Christianity.

15. Peru is also known for its gold. Peru is ranked 6th in the world in the production of gold. The gold of this country is rated very high.

16. The famous Amazon jungle of South America covers 60% of the Peruvian area.

17. There is a rule in Peru in which married couples can live together even before marriage. This is known as a trial marriage. If they have a child during the trial marriage and later the couple wants to separate, they can be separated by giving the child to the community.

18. Peru has Vinicunca Mountain. It is also known as a rainbow mountain due to the rainbow color of this mountain. Many tourists come here to see this mountain. It takes 6 days to reach this rainbow mountain.

19. Peruvian girls are more beautiful than all other countries of South America.

20. The famous Amazon River also begins in Peru.

Facts about Peru for Kids


What is Peru famous for?

Peru is famous for its food

What are 5 facts about Peru?

1. The famous Amazon jungle of South America covers 60% of the Peru area. 2. 90% of Peruvian people believe in Christianity. 3. The world’s largest flying bird Andean condor is also found in Peru. 4. Peru has three official languages. 5. Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest lake in Peru.

What is Peru mostly known for?

Peru is mostly known for its food and world-famous Machu Picchu.

Final words:

We hope you have liked the post facts about Peru for Kids. Peru has a different place among the tourist destinations of the world due to all these interesting fun facts. You can also spend your vacation in this full-of-fact country. It will give you a completely new experience.

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