17 Best Geothermal Energy Facts For Kids

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Geothermal Energy Facts For Kids
Geothermal Energy Facts For Kids

Geothermal Energy Facts For Kids

Geothermal Energy Facts For Kids: Friends, today we will tell you about geothermal energy its advantages and disadvantages in detail. Through this information, you will be able to learn about this renewable energy. This energy is very important.

1. Geothermal energy is the energy that comes from the earth.

2. In geothermal energy, the heat from the Earth’s core is used.

3. The temperature of the Earth’s core is up to 5000 °C.

4. Geothermal energy is renewable energy.

5. The world’s largest geothermal power plant is in America.

6. Geothermal energy uses the energy obtained from the decay of nuclear material.

7. For geothermal energy, the power plant is installed at such a place. Where volcanoes come or where there are hot water ponds.

8. There is a risk of an earthquake many times when installing a geothermal energy power plant.

9. Geothermal energy is a sustainable energy source.

10. Some poisonous gases also come out of the geothermal power plant. which needs to be removed.

11. There are three types of geothermal energy plants. of which are dry steam plants, flash steam plants, and binary steam plants.

12. Ground steam is used to generate geothermal energy in dry steam plants.

13. Hot water is used in the Flash Steam Plant.

14. In a binary steam plant, less hot water is used to heat the second liquid, by which steam is produced.

15. In the geothermal energy power plant, the remaining water is sent again to the reservoir with the help of the reinjection well.

16. It is environment-friendly as compared to other energy sources.

17. Setting up this power plant is a bit expensive.

Best Geothermal Energy Facts For Kids

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