10 Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids

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Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids
Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids

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Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids

Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids: Our solar system is big I’m talking A few billion miles big it’s the Sun and all the objects around it. It’s been around for roughly 4.6 billion years already and the planet we live on is the fifth largest planet in the Solar System. Today we look at some incredible facts about our solar system.

1 Sun in eight planets which include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. There are five dwarf planets which are Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris. There are 81 moons, 566 thousand asteroids and 3100 comets.

Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids
Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids

2 Did you know that Pluto is actually smaller than the USA. If you measure the distance between North Carolina and Maine. It would be 2,900 miles Pluto is only 1,400 miles across It kind of makes sense when you think about how Pluto lost its planet status and was demoted to a dwarf planet.

3. It’s hot in here if you were to guess what the hottest planet would be many would think mercury because it’s the closest to the Sun however that would be incorrect the answer is Venus. The reason it’s not mercury is that due to its close proximity to the Sun it doesn’t have an atmosphere so there’s nothing to trap. The heat on the other hand Venus has a thick atmosphere which is perfect for trapping loads of heat making it the hottest of all the planets.

4. Space is full of junk at any given time and it’s estimated that there are around 500 thousand pieces of space junk floating around today. It’s made up of bits of rock satellites and even tools that may have dropped while construction was underway at the International Space Station.

Fun Facts About the Solar System
Fun Facts About the Solar System

5. Mercury is not the planet that you’d ever like to live on today. Only two expeditions have ever been to mercury where temperatures during the day skyrocket and at night plummet. The other downside to living in mercury well one day on Mercury is the same as 58 days on earth a year in Mercury is just 88 Earth days.

6. There is another place besides Earth that has fresh water. Ceres is a dwarf planet which is the only one to be part of the main solar system and it’s here that you will find a lot of fresh water. It’s been calculated that there is more fresh water on Ceres than all the water on Earth now if only we could reach that water and send it to the drought-stricken areas on earth we can dream right.

7. When we think of this Sun we think of this far away ball of hot gas we never considered the fact that we live inside the Sun. The sun’s outer atmosphere extends way further than what we can see and apparently, that’s evident when gusts of solar wind is responsible for the northern and southern lights these Aurora’s are also seen on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

8. Uranus does have more to it than just a bad name and now it’s been discovered that the planet is tilted 82 degrees on its side due to this tilt one season on Uranus could last as many as 20 earth years. Imagine being stuck there during winter recently there’s been recording of an even longer winter storm and then only a decade-long spring so that’s definitely not a good place for humans to try to get another life started.

Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids
Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids

9. Saturn isn’t the only one supporting some jewelry there are other planets with rings as well planets like Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus all have rings around them they’re just harder to see because they’re still far away.

10. The solar system has it’s very own garbage disposal Jupiter has a powerful magnetic field that attracts any space debris into its orbit thereby protecting other planets from any damage.

Fun Facts About the Solar System for Kids

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