Best Fun Facts About Octopus for Kids

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Fun Facts About Octopus for Kids
Fun Facts About Octopus for Kids

Fun Facts About Octopus for Kids

Fun Facts about Octopus for Kids: Friends, today we have brought very interesting information about octopuses for you. Everyone knows a little about the octopus that it is a living creature in the sea. Which has eight sides. It is used as food in some places.

1. The octopus uses its poisonous saliva to kill its prey. Not all octopuses are poisonous, only blue-ringed octopuses use venom.

2. The brain of an octopus is not in the head but in the hands. Octopus has 9 brains.

3. Octopuses make their own homes. Octopuses are very efficient in building houses. Octopuses build their homes in rocks with the help of their arms.

4. Octopus is an ancient animal. They have existed on Earth for millions of years. It is known from the fact that the oldest octopus fossil was 296 million years old.

5. The life span of an octopus is concise. Octopuses only live for 3 to 5 years.

6. The female octopus lays up to 20,000 eggs. She takes excellent care of her eggs. she dies shortly after laying eggs.

7. The body of an octopus is such that it can swim very fast in the water. He uses his speed to catch his prey.

8. Octopus has 3 hearts. With its help, he supplies blood to his head and his eight arms.

9. Octopuses can also change the colour of their skin. He does this with the help of a special chemical present in his skin.

10. The octopus’s blood is blue in colour.

Fun Facts About Octopus for Kids

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