25 Interesting Facts About Earth For Kids

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Facts About Earth For Kids
Facts About Earth For Kids

Facts About Earth For Kids

Facts About Earth For Kids: Our earth is full of secrets, the more we know it, the more our curiosity grows. We have come to know many of the facts of the Earth but there are still some facts that scientists are constantly trying to know.

Today we will tell you about some such unique facts that not only the elders but also the kids desire to know.

Facts About Earth For Kids
  1. Our Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Earth is the only planet that has life on it. It is also known as the Blue Planet because the blue colored planet appears when viewed from space.
  2. There is a single natural satellite of the Earth named It is the moon.
  3. Its distance is 149.17 million kilometers from the Sun. Earth travels around the Sun in 365 days, which makes 1 year.
  4. The Earth is tilted 23.4 degrees on its axis.
  5. The day and night are made due to the rotation of the Earth on its axis. The part of the Earth that is towards the Sun is the day and the other part is the night.
  6. Earth was born 4.6 billion years ago when our solar system was born.
  7. Earth’s atmosphere has five layers. The lowest layer is called the Troposphere which is up to 12 kilometers, followed by the Stratosphere which is up to 50 kilometers. The third layer of the atmosphere is the mesosphere, which is up to 90 kilometers. The fourth layer is the thermosphere that spans 800 kilometers. The last fifth layer is the exosphere. Which is up to 3000 kilometers.
  8. The ozone layer comes in the stratosphere layer.
  9. The inner layer of our earth is made up of four things. Its innermost part is called the inner core, which is solid and whose temperature is 6000 degrees centigrade. After that, there is an outer core that is in liquid form, whose temperature is 3700 centigrade. The third layer is called the mantle. The temperature of which is 2000 degrees centigrade and the outermost layer is the crust which is made of granite on which we move.
  10. The distance from Earth to the moon is 385000 kilometers.
  11. As we go up in the Troposphere, the temperature decreases by 2 degrees every 100 meters.
  12. Our aircraft fly in the Troposphere.
  13. There are 9 large tectonic plates on our earth, this plate is 100 kilometers thick, due to its sliding, the origin of the mountain, the origin of the trench, and events like earthquakes and volcanoes.
  14. Gravity is not the same everywhere on the earth, it is the lowest in Hudson bay in Canada.
  15. 20 million tons of gold are hidden in our seas.
  16. The lowest temperature on Earth was noted at the Vostok station in Antarctica, which was -89.2 degrees centigrade.
  17. The deepest point on the Earth is in the Mariana Trench, which is 11 kilometers below the sea from the surface of the Earth.
  18. The highest temperature recorded in Libya in 1922 was 57.5 degrees centigrade.
  19. Antarctica contains 70% of the Earth’s total freshwater.
  20. The longest mountain range of the earth is in the sea, which is 80000 kilometers long, this mountain range is 20 times larger than the Andes mountain range.
  21. The name of the Earth evolved from the “Erder” Anglo Saxon word which means the soil/ground.
  22. Due to the core of the earth being made of nickel-iron, it produces magnetic fields.
  23. The speed of rotation on the Earth’s equator is 1600 kilometers per hour.
  24. Earth will take 250 million years to make one round of our galaxy Milky Way.
  25. Of all the planets, Earth is the only planet where the solar eclipse occurs.

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