Top 10 Weird history facts

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weird history facts
weird history facts

Weird history facts: In the earlier times, there were many such practices which are weird in today’s time, we are going to discuss such weird facts of history in this article, which you will be very surprised to read.

Weird ancient history facts

  1. Cocaine use was legal some 100 years ago. It was given as a medicine for tooth pain. It was easily available at the pharmacy shop without a doctor’s prescription.
  2. Leech treatment was very popular in the nineteenth century. In which a lot of leeches was left in the patient’s body. Which used to drink a lot of blood of the patient.
  3. Human zoos were also opened in earlier times. In which Asian and African people were kept. Who used to entertain the visiting people with their traditional dance songs. Such zoos were in Paris, London, and Berlin.
  4. It was common in history to have body parts of dead people. He used to decorate it like a trophy.
  5. In history, the Mental Hospital was used to entertain people. The income from which was used to treat the hospital patient.
  6. Sharks are older than tree.
  7. In World War II, 5 to 7 crore people died. In which 80% were from Russia, China, Germany, and Poland.
  8. Towards the end of the Second World War, a military unit 631 of Japan, planned a biological attack on the US. Named Operation Cherry Blossom at Night. But before that, the US finished the war by dropping the atomic bomb.
  9. In 1903, Thomas Edison killed an elephant during his use of electricity.
  10. In 2015, every third smartphone sold online sold in India.

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Weird American history facts

  1. In the early twentieth century, Americans sent their children to another location by post.
  2. 70 years ago, American doctors used to recommend smoking to people for the treatment of constipation. Along with this, he also advised pregnant ladies to avoid stress.

History facts for kids

In the 1950, radioactive toys came to the market for children to play.

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