25 Fun Facts About George Washington

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25 Fun Facts About George Washington
25 Fun Facts About George Washington

25 Fun Facts About George Washington

25 Fun Facts About George Washington: Friends, today we are going to tell you some very interesting fun facts about George Washington. George Washington not only became the first president of the US because of his ability but through his leadership, he also freed his country from the slavery of the most powerful British Empire of that time. Kids will learn a lot of fun facts and also get to know deeply about the first President of the United States.

1. George Washington was born in Virginia on 22 February 1732. His father’s name was Augustine Washington and his mother’s name was Mary ball Washington. His family was rich.

2. George Washington did not go to school for formal education.

3. His father died when George Washington was eleven years old. He quickly matured due to his family circumstances and took responsibility for his family.

4. George Washington was very shy and socially awkward from childhood.

5. George Washington wanted to become a government official since childhood.

6. George Washington’s grandfather immigrated to Virginia from England, where he held 5,000 acres of land.

7. George Washington initially joined Army but his career was not very good in the army, so he took retirement.

8. After retirement from the Army, George Washington started farming and he emerged as a true patriot when he came to know that the British Government is imposing an unsolicited tax on his country.

9. When the United States got independence from the British, he became the first President of the country due to his huge contribution to the freedom fight.

10. George Washington bought a lot of militaries, agriculture, and history books for self-education.

11. George Washington was deeply influenced by his elder brother Lawrence who returned from England after study.

12. George Washington made the first trip to Barbados in 1751 with his elder brother. There he got smallpox, whose stains remain on his face for life.

13. In 1752 George Washington’s elder brother Lawrence died of tuberculosis. This shocked George Washington a lot.

14. George Washington married an intelligent widow Martha on 6 January 1959. She already had 2 children. They both had no children of their own.

Fun Facts About George Washington

Fun Facts about George Washington
Fun Facts about George Washington

15. George Washington achieved a lot of success with whiskey production but the British government taxed whiskey a lot. This caused him to became a rebel.

16. When George Washington became President, he preferred the title, Mr. President.

17. George Washington had previously refused for salary when he became president, stating that he was already rich.

18. George Washington refused to contest the election for the third time and chose to take up farming after retirement.

19. When George Washington was Lieutenant colonel he started seven years war.

20. George Washington’s artificial teeth were made with a mixture of animal teeth.

21. George Washington is known as the sickest president in US history because he was suffering from malaria, smallpox, diphtheria, etc.

22. He was a good dancer, athlete, and horseman.

23. George Washington was troubled by his dental problems all his life.

24. George Washington is known as the Father of His Country due to his leadership in the freedom fight.

25. George Washington was in favor of keeping the slave but he was also in support of the rights of the slave.

Fun Facts About George Washington

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