10 Best Interesting facts about Cuba – History, Life & Fun fact

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Interesting facts about Cuba
Interesting facts about Cuba

Interesting Facts about Cuba

Cuba is a country in the North Caribbean Sea known for its adventures and fun facts. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Islands. As soon as we imagine it, we get the idea of its beach, cigar, and vintage car running here. Cuba has taken many such secrets inside itself. Due to which the visitors come here.

Many visitors visit Havana every year, which is also the capital of Cuba. Spanish is spoken here. The reason for this was that Cuba was to be occupied by the Spanish colony for a long time.

10 interesting facts about Cuba

  1. Cuba is a big exporter of Sugar, Nickel & Tobacco. Which contributes a lot to GDP.
  2. Cuba is home to the largest flamingo.
  3. Cuba is the only country with a double currency system.
  4. Christmas was banned in Cuba from 1967 to 1997.
  5. The literacy rate here is the highest in the world, which is 99.8%.
  6. Baseball and boxing are famous sports here.
  7. Havana is the largest city in Cuba.
  8. World’s smallest bird Hummingbird is also found here.
  9. You can also see vintage American vintage cars on Cuban roads.
  10. Coca-Cola sales were banned in Cuba.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much money do you need per day in Cuba?

You will need 50 to 60 Cuban Peso money to stay in Cuba for 1 day, which is equal to 50 to $ 60.

How many cities are there in Cuba?

Cuba has a total of 60 cities with the largest being Havana.

How did Cuba get its name?

Its name was given to Cuba by Spanish colonists.

What is a fun fact about Cuba?

Many people here are hitchhikers to reduce road congestion.

What is Cuba’s history fact?

Cuba gained independence from the United States on 20 May 1902.

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