13 Weird science facts you didn’t know

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weird science facts you did not know
13 weird science facts you did not know

Weird science facts

Weird science facts you didn’t know: In this article of weird facts of science, we will learn about weird science facts about animals, Weird science facts about space, and Weird science facts for kids.

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Weird science facts you didn’t know

  1. Laser light rays can be diverted with the help of water.
  2. Earth’s crust ends at 70000 meters.
  3. If we travel at the speed of light, then we will reach the moon in 1.28 seconds.
  4. The tallest tree on earth has a height of 115 meters.
  5. Wild geese fly at an altitude of 10000 meters above Mount Everest.
  6. Bow-head Whale lives for 200 years.
  7. 5 snakes are found every 1 square meter in snake island Brazil.
  8. Facebook shows that any two users are only 4.74 contacts away from each other.
  9. A cockroach can live for a few weeks without the head.
  10. iPhone, Harry Potter Book, and Ruby Cube are the most selling products.
  11. When a banana grows, its size becomes curved to reach sunlight.
  12. The name of the blue bird in the Twitter logo is Larry.
  13. When you are fat or thin, the body’s fat cells change their shape rather than disappear.

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